Modern original painting by Dapore

Modern original painting by Dapore

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White horse original acrylic painting

Medium: acrylic
Theo Dapore original art (listed artist)
All of Dapore's art has been registered
Abstract Art Paintings

Paintings are back stapled with painted sides.
Top coated with 3 coats of Matt UV varnish.
Gloss varnish is available on request.

Theo Dapore's studio is located in a Mall in Dothan, Al.
When purchasing Dapore art your are buying from a professional studio that offers excellent service and prompt shipping to all his clients.
You will notice that many professional artists work and develop one style and feel of art. The artist trademark style of art that they are recognized by. How unusual for an artist to become sought after with such a mixture of styles. Keep watching Theo Dapores growth and development. We feel his art is a wise choice.
Shipped promptly, most paintings are received in 2 to 4 working days within the U.S.
Theo Dapore has 184 sales with 100% satisfaction rate with BoundlessGallery
He is listed on the best selling artist list at
And he is listed under the caption "Artist to Watch" on the cover page of AbsoluteArts.

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