Modern original painting by Dapore

Modern original painting by Dapore

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Theo Dapore artist biography

Artist Biography:

Theo Dapore as of 3-20-09 is 54 years old. He has lived the majority of his life in Vermilion, Ohio and now resides in Dothan, Alabama. His studio is located in Wiregrass Commons Mall in Dothan.
Theo's art career started with listing his fine art paintings in online art galleries in August of 2005. He has never been represented by any brick and mortar fine arts gallery.
At this time he is developing his own unique style of art, a style that is distinct from other artists. Working acrylics wet into wet he combines broad blending with many other techniques into one painting. Making this unorthodox mix come together with continuity and a continual feel. When asked about the art, Dapore says he is in his original decorative art period. Working content of abstract, landscapes, seascapes and floral. From here he plans to refine the style that he has created by adding more definition and detail. The path is open for his art work to go in many directions such as abstract expressionism, art deco, abstract, surreal and realism.
His efforts have been well rewarded with over 1200 of his original abstract art being bought. Almost 30% of his art has been picked up by returning clients that have become collectors of Theo's unique style.

Dapore's signature or best selling series, The Last Apple, which is a painting and poem series. Originals for sale: 292 Originals sold: 285.
Some of the artists that Theo Dapore admires are James Coleman, Thomas Leung, Hong Leung, Roy Gonzalez, Thomas Kinkade, Christian Lassen and Howard Behrens.He hopes to allow these artists styles influence his own distinct techniques.
If you have an interest in the art of Theo Dapore feel free to keep visiting his online gallery. We believe he is in a transitional period at this time and the outcome should be interesting.

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