Modern original painting by Dapore

Modern original painting by Dapore

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lighthouse in Vermilion---Double Play - Acrylic Painting

Lighthouse in Vermilion---Double Play
TITLE; Lighthouse in Vermilion

24x30 inch acrylic painting. The theme is pertaining to Vermilion, Ohio which was named from the colored clay of the region that the Indians used to make paint. Vermilion is a harbor town located on Lake Erie.
In referring to this work in progress my wife and I nick named the painting Double Play relating to its duel meaning title.
No reference photos where used in this composition, however I did use a wooden decorative lighthouse of my wife's and the kitchen counter near a corner wall to calculate the angle for the basic layout angle.
I have started a second painting that relates to Double Play which is untitled.
It is of the garden area which is outside of the window. Content of the painting is the brick wall, a concrete lighthouse fountain, the toy sailboat, and the water bucket which doubles as sand pail with shovel.

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